Kia Ora Taranaki Whanau …. Big shout out to our brother Anand Rose for his absolute love and passion of this fine country and the many amazing artists within these shores. A true testament to his genuine speak, he and his team have worked tirelessly to bring the people of Taranaki a celebration of singer songwriters from your Hapu, of the last decade to TSB showplace next Friday June 26th!! .. This time next week, you should be in your Friday bests, ready to get out and engage with the arts and..

2 weeks ago

Gettin our flange on!

2 weeks ago

1 + 1 + 1 = 180 FKND’ART! Have a good Saturday Peeps … Rock that winter glow and get your best beanie out x

3 weeks ago

Dem Bones!

3 weeks ago

Inside Big Nudge pie …

3 weeks ago


The Nudge have been forming their genre crossing sound for the past few years now. Formed initially from Ryan Prebble wishing to expand what was originally a solo project. Elements of blues were naturally there, however with the addition of Coyle and Whakamoe, The Nudge has come to find their sound far more psychedelic and hypnotic.

What establishes these guys as unique is there ability to fill the sonic’s of the music, both layered and texturally, to be a crucial part of their song writing. Often tribal in rhythm , the element of a party and dance vibe is never far away from the heart of the songs.
This act, The Nudge, is best seen live and left for the individual to find what they call home.

As one thing is for sure, no matter who you are, you will find something inside The Nudge that will make you feel alive, at home, or at the Party.





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